About us

Finance & investment company «Assignment»

Let us introduce our Company as a consolidated team of experts dedicated exclusively to provide our clients with top-rated financial and investment management consulting services. 

We aim to attract both foreign investment capital and the capital of a national investor.

About us

Company Financial Activities

To meet the challenge, our financial services include those to facilitate factoring and financial leasing as well as the provision of loans, loans on credit terms included.
We assist our customers in working out their more sophisticated strategic approach once carrying out an evaluation of the actual market, and we provide for the launching of an efficient transparent business management system. At the same time, we provide you with our ongoing guidance in getting the insight of the entity under consideration to choose the most realistic options either for raising the external funds or its sale.

Company Investment Activities

Should you seek to attract foreign capital with maximum efficiency, our experts will provide you with proper consultancy, step-by-step support, and ensure protection for the investor’s interests. We also will perform a crisis management effort to establish our truly fruitful partnership and secure your gains from a business sale.
Our established reputation and our experts’ vast international experience play the game. We successfully serve international investors to benefit with the development of Ukrainian projects in mind.

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