Our services

We at the Assignment Company offer our clients a wide range of investment and consulting services, the main purpose of which is to attract financing and implement investment projects on the most favorable terms for the client.

When providing services, our specialists build a transparent vertically integrated structure of the client’s business; analyze the business project in order to obtain the maximum economic benefit at the minimum cost for the client.

Our services
The following main stages and directions of work of our company with foreign investors and representatives of Ukrainian business can be identified, namely:
  • Investment consulting
  • Investment partnership
  • Investment banking
  • Support and protection of the investor’s interests
  • Crisis management
All of the above services are provided by our company both separately and as a complex, when implementing an investment project as a whole.
This approach is caused by the frequent need to solve only point problems of the customer, or to carry out a turnkey project.
Payment for Services
Our company offers several methods of payment for the services of our specialists, namely the following:
  • Fixed price
  • “Costs +”
  • Success fee
  • Combined approach