Support and protection of the interests of investors

In modern Ukrainian business setting, the issue of protecting the interests of both national and foreign investors often arises.

Support within Turnkey Projects

With an integrated approach to the implementation of a turnkey project, our company provides full support to the client, which includes:
  • Development of a structure for future operations
  • Development of investment documentation (investment memoranda, business plans, cash-flow)
  • Preparation of additional project documentation
  • Calculation of the financial parameters of the transaction;
  • Preparation of presentation materials
  • Accompanying the client during the presentation of the project to a potential investor
  • Other necessary actions
Our company provides the following range of services to protect investor interests:
  • Control and detection of theft at the enterprise
  • Conducting a legal audit, in order to identify the risks of seizure of an enterprise or object
  • Defending the rights of the investor in courts, legal representation & support in the seizure of an asset, or part of it
  • Representing the client’s interests in negotiations with opponents
  • GR – communication with government agencies to protect the rights of investor interests
  • Search for assets within Ukraine and abroad, including
  • Return to ownership of movable and immovable property, cash, etc
  • Restoration of the operability of the enterprise (entity) and support for its further development, which implies the restoration of statutory documents and entries in the relevant state registers, rights of contractual relations regarding entities under consideration, corporate documents, factual support and re-establishment of operations due to the relevant court decisions

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